About Purple Cactus Maid Service

Purple Cactus Maid Service will customize your cleaning to meet your exacting specifications and needs.  We will wash walls and baseboards; and, YES! We do windows - inside and out!

Purple Cactus will clean in teams of 2 and 3.

Purple Cactus Maid Service will clean your oven, microwave and refrigerators.  Your cabinets will sparkle after we have cleaned them.

Purple Cactus will take care of all your cleaning needs.  We will do a complete cleaning job, including dusting on the top of shelves and cabinets, all those places that really need cleaning every week.  Your light fixtures will sparkle with our regular cleanings.

Sectional Cleaning will save you money and time.  Get your free estimate now by calling 406-248-3866. Purple Cactus Maid Service uses sensor vacuums to ensure that all the dust and pet hair is removed from your home.

Purple Cactus Maid Service guarantees your satisfaction.  We are Insured and Bonded and pay all the necessary employee taxes.  Purple Cactus provides all the cleaning supplies for your cleaning projects.

Purple Cactus will clean they way you want it cleaned, if you had the time!  We provide professional and confidential service for you.

Purple Cactus Maid Service does residential and commercial cleaning, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.



Purple Cactus Maid Service Inc. 145 Grand Ave. Billings, MT 59101
      406-248-3866 406-690-6901







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